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I lost my father to Alzheimer's Disease in 2013.  His decline was long, slow and painful for all our family and friends as we watched him disappear before us.  Although much progress has been made, there is currently no cure for this disease. We're told exercise and keeping fit are the best means of fending off the ravages of Alzheimer's, but really, we just cross our fingers and hope.  As the ever growing population ages we're looking at some staggering statistics:

Helpless to make any real difference, I did what I do - I wrote a song. I had no great plan for it other than to record it, which Seth and I did, squeezing it into a recording session scheduled for The Edna Project.  Seth, Joey and I sang all the backing tracks.  It sounded great and I was happy...almost. I still wanted to hear it with the choir I'd written it for. A few months later we sent an e-mail out to many of our pro singer/musician friends inviting them down to lend their voices.  Thirty people showed up.  We served up chicken wings, wine and twizzlers and spent a few beautiful hours making the track come alive.  We also asked a few friends to come and video tape the recording session.  Slowly my concept to raise funds and awareness started to gel.

 "Hallelujah (Sing For The Hope)" - is up and running on YouTube. Click HERE to watch

We are actively signing up sponsors to pledge $'s for views.  Any amount is welcome  and all proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Associtaion. We want to go viral, so we need your support by forwarding this link on to your friends and family.

We're targeting corporate sponsors for $10,000 donations. Donations at this level will get a banner at the YouTube page for the duration of the views they sponsor.




conductor: Seth Farber



Acoustic Guitar: Liz Queler
Piano/Organ: Seth Farber
Electric Guitar: Larry Campbell
Bass: Lincoln Schleifer
Drums: Chris Roselli                                               


Producer & Director: Liz Queler
Editors: Andrew Brill, Sandra Kratc
Cameras: Philip Hack, Kevin Scott, Jeanne Korn
Music & Lyrics: Liz Queler
Featured Performers: Liz Queler, Seth Farber & Joey Farber
Music Producers: Liz Queler & Seth Farber
Vocal Arranger: Liz Queler
A Cappella Introduction: Seth Farber
Interviewer: Lauren Lipton
Recorded and mixed by: Fred Guarino @ Tiki Recording Studios
Additional recording by: Chris Abell at Dubway Studios, Larry Buksbaum at Now Hear This
Mastering: Steve Vavagiakis at Bang Zoom Productions