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"With no small wonder, Queler proves herself to be a singer's singer."

"Liz Queler is another one of those unsung, regional songwriters. She grew up as a member of the New York City Opera's Children's chorus. Later she attended Boston's Berklee College of Music to study jazz and piano. Since then she was back-up singer for Cliff Eberhardt and has released three solid solo albums, the latest being the excellent no small wonder. The biggest wonder is why the multi-talented Queler hasn't achieved more recognition. She has an angelic and engaging voice and a cache of good songs (I'm surprised that some of them haven't been covered by "name artists"). One listen to the poignant "Avalanche" or the plaintive beauty of "Written On The Body" should be enough to convince you."

"One of the most beautiful singers and melodic writers on the coffeehouse scene today."

"Liz Queler is a fine singer/songwriter with the ability to pull you in with both her lilting melodies and affecting folk-based story songs. Her talent is undeniable."

"Liz's songs glide thru folk, jazz and pop currents. She is a flawlless singer in the company of top of the line musicians and the result is a CD of understated fluid elegance. I'll play it."

"Wow! Each Liz Queler CD just keeps getting better, but it will be tough to top no small wonder. Liz is a classy singer whose songwriting and singing has brought her to the top of the acoustic music scene. no small wonder is a keeper!! This is one singer that ought to be heard on radio stations all over the country."

"no small wonder, the latest release by singer-songwriter Liz Queler, is suffused with the warmth of her now yearning soprano. She's a fine songwriter to boot, partial to romantic imagery and flowing melodies."